They make it look so easy !!

I had the opportunity to photograph Tony Gottlieb and Tim Whitehead.

They are the incredibly talented (and patient.. thank God) tennis pros

at The Savannah Golf Club. Now if I could only serve like one of them..

I’d be set !!

Ashley and Andy

Another amazing wedding I shot with

Charlie Thiel

It’s the couples like Ashley and Andy that keeps

us doing what we love… WEDDINGS !! : )

Thanks to everyone that helped make this a perfect day for our bride and groom !!

Especially want to thank

Rachel Biggs @ Duvall Catering & Event Design



Pamela Lesch (makeup artist)

Wedding Cakes by Jim Smeal

Elizabeth McKeever with McKeever Fine Art

Malia and Brian

St. John’s Island, 76 degree weather, and a bride that looks like she just stepped out of Grace Ormonde

All eyes were on Malia as she walked down the aisle in her custom designed wedding gown !!

The ladies from Gown Boutique of Charleston  designed this one of a kind dress just for our bride… amazing !!

The team at Southern Protocol  planned a sophisticated and chic ceremony and reception for our bride and groom.


Feel free to view the entire wedding day by clicking the link below : )

Wedding of: Christina and Chad

10×15 Signature Album designed for Charlie Thiel

Sarah K in South Magazine

Check it out !! Savannah’s “South Magazine” featured an editorial written about SKD and my signature Wedding Albums. This was featured in their February/March Art issue. Click on the image below to read the entire article !! We’re so excited : )

Sarah K Albums on Lifetime !!

One of Charleston’s top Wedding Photographers Charlie Thiel (also a client) made his television debut on Lifetime’s show specifically  targeted for brides and grooms Get Married. Charlie speaks about his experience with destination weddings, and the importance of bringing your own photographer to these locations. They also speak about the importance of having a professional wedding album produced (ah hem). In this segment…you’ll see one of my albums : )

Before Meets After… Bridal Bliss : )

As you can see, this bride (like most) spent some

time in the sun before her BRIDAL FORMALS !!!!!!

Immediately after the shoot, the photographer called SKD

for help… Good thinking !! ; )






Before Meets After….The Kiss

“Sarah K, I’m telling you, I didn’t get any good shots of the Kiss….”

So I browse through the images that Charlie Thiel uploaded to my server, and found these


Okay, so maybe Charlie didn’t think he got any good shots of the kiss, but after I showed him the layout I came up

to capitalize on the images he did shoot….



I imagine that all photographers, (not just wedding photographers) are too critical and over analyze their work’s nice to have someone from the outside looking in !! These images were

there the entire time, Charlie just didn’t see what I saw….

Before Meets After… Less is More

I am often asked,”oh, can you do that thing where the picture is

black and white, but you make the flower red…”

Yes, Yes I can do “that thing”…but I choose to add more

impact by tastefully selecting the colors that I want, careful not to over saturate. This process

is meant to draw your eye to the color that’s enhanced, not take away from the image itself. I like my work to flow…




Shooting for your Designer…The Details

Before the KISS, before their first dance, the bride prepares for one of the most important days of her life.

When shooting with your designer in mind, shoot to capture the smallest yet timeless  detail.

The dress, the flowers, her mother’s jewelry…

When arranging these images it’s important that I create an emotional impact on the bride.

These have become my favorite spreads to design : )


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