Before Meets After…The Bride

Consider me a perfectionist.  The Bride doesn’t want to remember herself with blimishes and uneven skin tones.  She’s angelic, soft, and flawless…  I’m the narrator that completes her “happily ever after”




Before Meets After……Tasteful Editing

Because lenses today are  more powerful than ever, cameras  tend to reveal  harsh  realitites…realities that aren’t visually flattering.  At Sarah K Designs we eliminate those harsh realities, taking your images to the next level.  It’s not our job, it’s our lifestyle.  Welcome to “Sarah K Land”………..The Land of Tasetful Editing  :  )

Their Before… Meets Our After…




Glamour Meets SWAG

glamour |ˈglamər| (also glamor)

the attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing or special

swagger |ˈswagər|

to behave in a very confident and typically superior or dynamic way apparently a frequentative of the verb swag .

Welcome to Sarah K Land,  you’ll like it here  :  )


More than one Sarah K ?!?

While Google Searching my website (yes, I did this) I discovered that there is yet another Sarah K out there. Sarah Kovacs is an incredibly talented Metalsmith and Jewelry Designer in Columbus Ohio. I viewed her gallery and was amazed at the beautiful custom pieces that she designs. Definitely worth a look… In all do respect : Sarah K Rocks !! 


Click on Image to View this Sarah K’s website !!

Sarah Kovacs

Like what you see…?

If you’ve visited my new website (holla), and it makes you want to update yours (you know who you are) you should check out JigSolve Inc. I contacted the owner Chad Bush (also an awesome friend) because my site needed updating… BAD !! I told Chad what I wanted for my website and a few days later he came through : ) I must say it is incredible to delegate this responsibility to JigSolve Inc. but still have full control, does that make sense ? : P  

But wait, there’s more :

JigSolve Inc. and their incredible team offer services in: creative design, offset/digital printing,direct marketing, web development, photography services, custom picture framing, product placement and artist/business representation.  And it’s all done with class and professionalism !! 

Click on the image below to find out more about JigSolve Inc.



Before Meets After

Just a few “Before Meets After” images from SKD

Click on the image to view more….

My first with Finao


While aimlessly walking around the trade show floor of Imaging USA, I came across the oh so cool Finao booth. After seeing the same old wedding albums over and over again, their album displays really caught my attention… refreshing to say the least !! I immediately became a member and have been up to date with the releases on all of their new products…. like this image preview box you see here : 

This is a hand made, Silk Wrapped,
4×6 Slim Line Deep and can hold up 
to 300 images
Their customer service was incredible and their turn around time from upload to delivery (note: they’re located in Australia) was 3 weeks !! I am extremely pleased with the quality of this product and highly recommend this company to those who are looking to go above and beyond their competition : )  
THAT GIRL : unplugged
Hey Y’all !!    ; )
It’s been a while since I’ve posted… (bad Sarah K ), but I’ve been extremely busy. And any of you with children will totally understand, the summer takes over !!  It’s been great : )
So I’ve been designing for Terry White (Mr. Creative Suite himself), I know you’re thinking “why is SHE designing for Terry?” it’s that whole cobbler’s children had no shoes thing… he don’t have time… that’s what I’m for !!  After months of working with/on Terry’s beautiful models it was my turn to be in front of the camera…. OMG !! So I was off to Detroit : ) 
I’m SO not model material, but I had a blast “pretending”  
Being from Georgia, (and the fact that I say “Y’all” ….ALOT) it’s assumed that I own Cowboy Boots/Hats… ugh … well …. I do !! Although I don’t typically fall into that “southern gal” stereotype…I thought it would be fun to play it up !!
I have to say it was incredible to shoot with Terry and be a Detroit Diva for a day !! But I wasn’t leaving The Motor City without meeting his family….. and eating at The Original Pancake House (insane eating).  When I met Terry’s lovely wife Carla she smiled so big and said “oh, listen to her accent….” it was hilarious !! Very sweet family : ) 
And of course our session wouldn’t be complete without the Terry White Rocks shirt:
It was a good week… ; )

WOW !! I’m just getting back from the 2008 TPPA School in College Station, Texas. What an amazing week. I took a week long class from the legendary Ralph and Ryan Romaguera. There was some classroom time where Ralph taught us everything from lighting and posing, that was immediately followed by Ryan showing us how to apply it in the studio and on location. We had speakers come in from Nik SoftwareRon Nichols Digital SolutionsCanon USA, and PPA just to name a few. Each speaker was full of useful information to help make our (photographer’s) life SOO much easier… that’s what I’m talkin’ about !! If you’re interested in taking your photography skills to a whole new level, I would definitely suggest Texas School… well worth the investment !!

Applying the KISS method…

I was talking with one of my friends yesterday about photography and design (surprise surprise)
and he asked me “have you ever heard of the KISS method ?”


Because we all know what it’s like to be WAY too emotionally attached to our work, and we end up over analyzing everything… So the KISS method just works. Remember, the next time you start on what seem to be an overwhelming project.. Keep ISimple Stupid

: )

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